Wilhelm Kalb
( German, 1870 - n/a )


( Green Meadow )
Inventory # 51358

Original oil on board. Hand signed by the artist in brown paint, lower right.

Dimensions: unframed: 20 1/2 " x 12 1/2 ", framed: 17 3/4" x 25 3/4"

Kalb was born in Southwest Germany in 1870. From 1888 to 1892 he attended the Art Institute in Frankfurt and the Art Academy in Munich. He was considered a master landscapist, whose meadows, fields, roads and farmhouses captured the sense of light and calmness of the countryside. In this plein-air painting done in 1920, Kalb's palette and loose brushstrokes capture the immediacy and the fleeting elements of a spring day. Kalb participated in exhibitions principally in Munich, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt. (Kunstler Lexicon; Allgemeines Lexicon der Bildenden Kunstler)

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